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Who ever used the Sent to Notepad feature on Windows XP will wonder how it is possible to hide this functionality extensibility on Windows Vista. The root cause of our problem is the following: by default an administrator is not a real administrator on the computer without the elevation of privileges and that's why we don't have access to the Send To folder using general methods but following the next few steps we will be able to overcome on this behaviour:

  1. Create a shortcut to the NotePad.exe file in any folder, for instance in the c:\temp folder
  2. Start a simple command prompt (Windows button + R, cmd + [enter])
  3. Step into the SendTo folder (cd SendTo)
  4. Copy your shortcut to this SendTo folder using the following DOS command: "copy c:\temp\notepad.lnk ."
    The dot (.) is necessary at the end because that stands for the current folder.
  5. Use the Send To Notepad feature 

Another interesting thing: after the successful copy if you check the content of the SendTo folder using the DIR command, you will find that empty. Just like if you run the command prompt in elevated mode (using the Run As Administrator option).


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