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We used a very useful tool to make our SharePoint environment responsive after application pool recycles or web server restarts (iisreset) for years which is available under the GPLv2 license on CodePlex. It is called SPWakeUp which is a quite fast and simple tool to breathe new life into your serve... [More]
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When you use Internet Explorer, it can be very comfortable to say yes for the password saving prompt, simply because it is stored in a secure way in your Windows profile on your computer. The only issue with this, that if you save not just form authentication passwords but Server/Windows authenticat... [More]
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Who ever used the Sent to Notepad feature on Windows XP will wonder how it is possible to hide this functionality extensibility on Windows Vista. The root cause of our problem is the following: by default an administrator is not a real administrator on the computer without the elevation of privilege... [More]
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This article is about the full-text search capability of SQL Server 2000 (2005). It is an easy to use, very fast and extensible solution to index and search in various types of documents' content. For example in Word, Excel, Adobe portable document format (PDF) and HTML files. [More]
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This article describes how to open a picture in a popup window and close it with a single mouse click. [More]
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (2005) is capable to provide full text indexing and search services for most document types by default. All of the Microsoft Office document formats belong to the supported/searchable document types, like Word and Excel. Some other text like filters are also supported like ... [More]
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I ran into this problem when the company where I was working used Novell Netware network. When the users were switching Explorer View in any document libraries they received a very simple error message about the WebDAV client. After searching through the internet without any success we dug deep into... [More]
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If you would like to avoid wander through the menus of the Central administraton site of SharePoint you can do the followings: Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) version is available on the Control PanelControl Panel → Add or Remove Programs → Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services &r... [More]